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Gain the insights needed to design and establish a thriving garden in the mountains with this new book by an author who has put his ideas into action. There are distinctive challenges associated with developing gardens in mountain environments, and our new book gives you the tools and ideas you need to create your own beautiful garden that can be enjoyed for years to come. With a better understanding of native plants and the best ways to overcome freeze damage, you can have the garden of your dreams.

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Create a thriving mountain garden with the help of our book. (888) 906-5208

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Learn the effective strategies needed to help a garden thrive in the mountains with our new book about gardening. This new book from Blue Ridge Mountain Gardening in Ashville, North Carolina, helps you create mountain gardens that are capable of withstanding the effects of drought and hard freezes. After years of experience living in the Blue Ridge Mountains, author Mike McLeod has gained a keen understanding of what it takes to design and maintain a garden in this challenging environment. Using local plants and traditional gardening techniques, you can enjoy a garden that provides dazzling natural color during every season of the year. We are located near the Biltmore Estate and we are proud members of

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