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Learn More About Mountain Gardens and Our Author

Design and plant mountain gardens that are capable of providing you with years of beauty and delight with the help of the new book from Blue Ridge Mountain Gardening in Ashville, North Carolina. Author Mike McLeod has spent more than 30 years learning how to overcome the challenges associated with creating beautiful gardens in mountainous climates.

The Story Begins

Mike came to the Asheville area when his wife's father unfortunately passed away. He and his wife began searching for property in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and decided to purchase a plot of land with four run down cabins.

After purchasing the property, McLeod renovated the four cabins and built an additional 21 units. During his planning of the landscaping for this distinctive terrain, he gained a wealth of insights that are distilled into the pages of this new book.

A Passion for Writing

Mike had always wanted to write since he was a boy, and he was inspired by the first book he read. As a man of few words, Hemmingway's classic The Old Man and the Sea taught him the value of concise writing and thought.

Through a passion for nature and gardening, Mike set out to create a book that could help anyone who wants to beautify the mountain or hill they live on. He wants to make it easier for them to design and maintain a hilly garden spot that can delight young and old for years to come.